Craniosacral Massage

This technique has been effective in evaluating and treating problems associated with pain and dysfunction, lowered vitality, and recurring infections.

Craniosacral massage/therapy is an integrated body therapy that facilitates the body's natural ability to self-repair and heal. Craniosacral massage is a very gentle, non-invasive technique that focuses on the craniosacral system of the body (the membranes and cerebrospinal fluid that surround and protect the brain and spinal cord).

By tuning into the subtle craniosacral rhythm in the client's body tissues and fluids, the therapist can help to resolve restrictions caused by trauma and stress, thus revitalizing and strengthening the body's intrinsic healing ability. The light touch employed in this approach encourages your own natural mechanisms to improve the functioning of your brain and spinal cord to dissipate the negative effects of stress and to enhance your overall health and resistance to disease.

Blockages and imbalances are found and corrected that may have been causing motor coordination impairments, migraine headaches, chronic fatigue, traumatic brain and spinal cord injuries, scoliosis, TMJ syndrome, emotional difficulties, central nervous system disorders, learning disabilities, stress and tension related problems, orthopedic problems, and post-traumatic stress disorders.

Trauma and emotional release can be experienced when the body heals on a deep level.

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